Outfit of the Day

Dress Code: Cleopatra Jones at the Henry

We suggest long, lean flairs, tailored smoking jackets, and a killer blouse on the occasion of this 1973 film screening.

05/16/2013 By Laura Cassidy

See and Be Seen

Goings On: BAM Ignite, Store Parties, Atlas Quarterly

A post weekend wrap-up staring Bellevue Arts Museum, local design and fashion, and stylish good times.

04/16/2013 By Abiola Akanni

Places to Go, People to See

Dress Code: BAM Ignite

Value craft and craftspeople? Put April 12 on your calendar and get ready to celebrate at Bellevue Arts Museum.

03/19/2013 By Laura Cassidy

Chic on a Budget

Dress Code: Budget New Year's Eve

Five dress ideas for less? No problem. We have you covered—in sparkles and jewels.

12/24/2012 By Abiola Akanni


17 Habits of Highly Successful Companies

Stats from our top 25 companies

12/19/2012 By Allison Williams

Wear, What, When

Dress Code: Jimi Hendrix Exhibit at EMP

Go bohemian glam when you go see Jimi's rare costume pieces at the Experience Music Project.

11/20/2012 By Abiola Akanni


We Were There: SAM Remix

A Kusama-lovin' polka dotted report dressed in DIY headgear and dancing to KEXP's funk.

11/16/2012 By Abiola Akanni

Art & Style

Dress Code: Elles at SAM Remix

Everyone in polka dots in honor of Japanese artist and fashion favorite Yayoi Kusama for SAM's next Remix, November 9.

10/26/2012 By Laura Cassidy

Wedding Wednesday

Dress Code: Get Hitched Give Hope

What to wear to this year's Get Hitched Give Hope.

09/26/2012 By Laura Cassidy


Dress Code: SAM Remix

Celebrate summer with SAM as the city "parties in the park after dark."

08/23/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Dress Code: Chicks Did It

Two galleries celebrate the legacy of rock art in Seattle and beyond

07/30/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Dress Code: Baby Love

Go Ga ga for the Supremes’ gowns at EMP starting June 11

06/07/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Dress Code: In the Bag

Michael Hebb’s next Night School meet-up features fashion icon Lauren Bush and benefits her FEED Project for Haiti

05/19/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Dress Code: Night at the Museum

SAM invited me to show you my Favorite Things next Friday May 14.

05/07/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Dress Code: Street Wise

Advice on getting Le21eme’s Adam Katz Sinding to notice you at this week’s Pio Square First Thursday show

03/29/2010 By Laura Cassidy

Wear What When and Who

Dress Code: Belle Époque

What to wear to the March 12 opening at the stylish new White Sage Studio

03/05/2010 By Laura Cassidy

Wear What When and Who

Dress Code: Remix

What to wear to SAM’s after-work party on Friday night?

02/22/2010 By Laura Cassidy

Wear What When and Who

Dress Code: 80s Edition

A new, recurring post requiring you to dress for every occasion