Dress Code: In the Bag

Michael Hebb’s next Night School meet-up features fashion icon Lauren Bush and benefits her FEED Project for Haiti

By Laura Cassidy May 19, 2010


Lauren Bush appears in a lot of high-style event photos on She is also one-half of the founding team behind FEED Projects, which makes gorgeous Ikat bags for Guatemala and great looking Americana-esque totes that benefit Haiti.

Next Monday, May 24, Michael Hebb’s One Pot/Sorrento Hotel collaboration, Night School, welcomes Bush and her partner Ellen Gustafson for what Hebb (and we) are calling a very special Midnight Symposium.

You’ll be fed Hebb’s stew, you’ll drink wine, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in conversation with an important style and activism icon, and you’ll be asked to participate in a dialog about world hunger, what people like us can do to help, and The 30 Project.

What you wear is important, sure, but what you know, what you learn, and what you then share with your community is more important.

Upon purchasing a ticket (I’ve got mine), you’ll receive some required reading. Upon attending the event, you’ll receive a FEED 50 Haiti bag. Way better than anything else you might have considered doing on a Monday evening, right?

(Read: I’m amazed this event isn’t sold out already.)

What should you wear? Something in the new-world-urban-safari-chic vein, naturally. See you there.

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