Say hi to Seattle style blogger Abiola Akanni of Bora Bora Style and look forward to Akanni and collaborators (below, photographer/videographer Carmen Daneshmandi) contributing some style and retail posts from time to time. 

In celebration of SAM's Elles show and its chicest member, Japanese artist and Louis Vuitton collaborator Yayoi Kusama, the first 50 polka-dotted guests at last week's Remix got in free. We were there, and we can tell you that everyone has Kusama fever right now—SAM revelers included. We also caught several partygoers wearing unusual headpieces compliments of the party's arts and crafts tables. 

Remix parties are all about cocktails, DJs, and dancers. Michelle Myers of KEXP took to the ones and twos, appetizing our palates and getting us footloose with old school rock, funk, and hip-hop classics.

Midway through the evening we were surprised by the introduction of a wee 4" x 4" wooden stage to the dance floor. What followed was also rather petite: a woman sporting a charcoal gray crop-top, vintage saddle pants, and sneakers. At the cue of the music—beat box-inspired hip-hop with heavy base—this small being began to pop, lock, and drop it faster than our eyes could track. It was bloody awesome!

Afterwards the tiny stage was removed and Myers took advantage of our high and immediately began pumping up the funk. Polka dot-clad fanatics and art fans in glittery papier-mache head wraps on the dance floor seemed to be taken by the spirits of the great Elles artists. In honor of them, we caught everything on tape. 

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