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Dress Code: 80s Edition

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January 14, 2010

I’m guilty of it too, but I dislike hearing people complain that they have nowhere to wear their most out-there outfits. One of my 2010 action items is to blog about events — art openings, rock shows, New Age Tupperware parties, whatever — where the dress code all but requires your most directional, special, and this-hardly-ever-leaves-the-closet best.

Remember Team Gina, our December 08 Style Counselors? I’m gonna go ahead and guess that they’d be totally on-board with this initiative.

Except, that is, they’re breaking up. There will soon be no Team Gina to agree with anything. I got word earlier this week that Seattle’s politically minded, 80s-obsessed synth poppers are breaking up.

But before they do: Two last bashes, and thus, two chances to rock roller skates with high-waisted teal skinny jeans and a pair of those Marc by Marc Jacobs bunny ears.

Team Gina plays on January 24 with that wack-job Har Mar Superstar (oh and what will he be wearing?) at Chop Suey and on January 31 at the Comet with something called Punk Bunny.

Go Jazzercise chic (there’s a contradiction in terms) for the former and a MTV-era Madonna for the latter. And let us know how it goes.


Where do you go to dress up? Any high, high-low, or gloriously middle-brow style opportunities you think we oughtta know about? Get in touch!

AND while we’re at it, if you’re the type of person who enjoys neon knits and brightly colored statements, do check out Snow Business, this month’s Spree page.

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