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Goings On: BAM Ignite, Store Parties, Atlas Quarterly

A post weekend wrap-up staring Italian and Seattle design, and stylish good times.

By Abiola Akanni April 16, 2013

In a recent Dress Code post we suggested you go Italian for BAM’s La Dolce Vita-inspired Ignite and although lots of attendees honored spring's strong black-and-white trend, we didn't see any Anita Ekberg wanna-bes (that's probably a good thing). Suffice it to say (how would you say that in Italian?): the Bellevue museum's Friday, April 12 bash was a good-looking time nonetheless.  

There was some on-hands hat experimenting with local milliner Elizabeth Dean (pictured here), Italian impersonator Jesse Parce provided some convincing theater, and we boogied to soft, symphonic beats and vocals compliments of The Flavr Blue while soaking in modern Italian photography and design by Aldo and Marirosa Ballo

On Thursday, April 11 we celebrated the re-opening of Baby and Co. (more on that in a day or so), and on Saturday, April 13 we shared bubbles at Far 4 with artists, stylists, and designers on the occassion of the store's fifth birthday.

We love it when boutiques host parties and otherwise branch out of their boutique-ness.

As on Friday, April 12, when a fresh Hill crew celebrated the release of Kaleidoscope Vision's brand new made-in-house web store. Photographed by Seattle Met contributor Carmen Daneshmandi and built in-house by shop owners Ria Leigh and Mackenzie Garfield, it's a thing of bold, refreshing beauty that features a bunch of real Seattle women—some of them we (full disclosure) know rather well.

But let's back up: We do mean in-house. We've seen other local retailers go digital with their inventory lately, but we've never seen them do it themselves—or at least not this well. Big props. And don't miss Daneshmandi's art/fashion pics, up since the launch party. She collaborated with our own Kirby Ellis, and the fashion collage images are, well, practically edible. Kind of. (Go see for yourself.)

And finally, the (partially) Seattle-made culture and arts mag Atlas Quarterly is out (former Seattle Met intern Laura Peach is editor and founder); look for the gorgeous volume at Elliott Bay Books.





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