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Dress Code: Belle Époque

What to wear to the March 12 opening at the stylish new White Sage Studio

By Laura Cassidy March 5, 2010


Opening March 12 at the new, buzzed-about, supercool White Sage Studio in Ballard: New Victorian, a show of gorgeously patterned wallpaper designs including one called “Wallflower” by Jordan Landin for the local house Hermitage, and new-world-meets-old-world porcelain design by Far 4.

A rule of thumb in sometimes-casual Seattle: Don’t miss an opportunity to flex your sartorial muscles. Under the heading of “Opportunities”: Art Openings.

I can’t, and won’t, resist the chance to rock granny boots and a high-neck, billowy-sleeved blouse with a pair of baggy jeans. Or maybe a cropped, strong-shouldered velvet blazer with some short pants? I love the whole Gothic/romantic thing. If you can relate, check the slideshow here for inspiration and consider adding a few designer-inspired elements to next Friday’s look.

Here’s the question, though: Where to go for dinner and drinks afterward in your neo-black lace, ruffled leather, bustled bubble-hum finery?

New Victorian at White Sage will also include art by Cody Blomberg, Frank Correa, and Jeffery Babbidge. The party on Friday March 12 goes from 6-9p, and the show itself will be up through April 10.

(And no, I didn’t spend hours researching every season by every designer for the past four years, I just made use of NYMag’s superfun trend finder. )

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