11 Seattle-Inspired Pop Culture Halloween Costumes for 2022

The search for memorable costume ideas starts at home.

By Zoe Sayler October 13, 2022

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We’ve witnessed plenty of costume-worthy moments over the past year. Kylie Jenner wore a wedding dress and backwards cap to the Met Gala. A gorgeous blue velvet tux jacket played second fiddle to the slap bestowed upon the man wearing it. And for the first time since MTV’s heyday, teenagers could immediately recognize a British woman with feathered auburn hair and a gray leotard as Kate Bush making a deal with god

But as Seattleites, hyper-obsessed with more local sources of inspiration (who can’t yet find an appropriate way to create a wearable version of the Amazon spheres), we’re getting our costume ideas right at home.

Hacks’ Deborah Vance 

Partygoers with a penchant for glitz will find a font of inspiration in the fashions of veteran comedienne Deborah Vance—also known as Jean Smart, also known as the most glamorous woman to ever emerge from Ballard. Go for the gold with an immediately recognizable sequin pantsuit, a microphone, and “fabulous stilettos.” If the weather doesn’t cooperate, pair an orange umbrella (bet you can find one in SLU) with oversized sunglasses, a floral kimono, and helicopter-swept hair. 


Mariners Playoffs Pairing

The Mariners made the playoffs this year...for the first time since 2001. Celebrate Seattle’s win while poking fun at its decades of misery. You wear a Kyle Lewis jersey while your friend reps Ichiro and rocks frosted tips. 

Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe

For a couples costume equipped with guaranteed high-fives—especially if you’re celebrating at Portland's Sports Bra—emulate the GOAT who took the Seattle Storm into the semifinals during her final year in the WNBA, and her wife, who just so happened to lead OL Reign back to their rightful place in Seattle this spring. Jerseys make it easy (and apparent), but the fashionable duo has plenty of memorable looks to copy, from bright yellow courtside coordination to complementary pastel suits.

Jeff Bezos Ringing in the New Year

Perhaps the most distressing element of a world run by tech titans? Their Zuckerberg-esque insistence on dressing like slobs. Jeff Bezos strikes a rare and welcome note as a member of the ruling class who actually kind of dresses like one—that is, eccentric and probably at unnecessary expense. He even started 2022 with a memorable, disco-inspired combo: a daisy-adorned button-up with white skinny jeans and heart-shaped sunglasses. Add props (champagne? '22 balloons?); bald cap optional. 

Dying Seattle 

Naysayers have been mourning the death of the city for at least 50 years, yet we’re still kicking. Um, does that make Seattle a zombie? Deride all those ahistorical complaints with some zombie makeup, whatever Seattle apparel you’ve got lying around, and maybe one of those classic knife headbands for good measure (like this one from Interbay's Halloween superstore). Then go have the time of your life out on the (ghost) town.

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Bosco, Demon Queen of Seattle

This year’s Drag Race runner-up hails from the Capitol Hill queer bar scene, which is exactly where your recreations of her most iconic looks will get peak recognition (mimicking a celebrity is, after all, a drag standard). Crafting bubblegum pink chaps or a bloody ballerina look worthy of “the skanky alternative girl from Seattle” presents a RuPaul-level challenge. But take heart: Like a true Seattleite, Bosco bought their polka-dotted entrance dress at Nordstrom Rack.

Tacoma Couch Guy

Justify your aversion to house party mingling by making it a crucial component of your Halloween look: The Tacoma Couch Guy gained local fame for wheeling around Grit City on a motorized couch powered by old e-bike batteries. Bonus points for installing your own set of wheels. 

Buoy the Troll

Put that blue hair that conservative pundits think we're all sporting to good use. The Kraken's newly dropped mascot (Buoy literally descended from the ceiling of Climate Pledge Arena) hit the ice with a single anchor earring, jersey number zero, and an obscene amount of team spirit. 

Zombie Russell Wilson

Dig that old Wilson jersey out of the closet (or burn pile, depending how hurt you were by the former Seahawks quarterback’s move to Denver). Unfortunately, he’s dead to us now.

Broccoli Guy

Don’t be the guy who passes out cruciferous vegetables to trick-or-treaters. Do be the guy who does tricks with them. The Mariners’ healthiest fan doubles as the world’s easiest last-minute costume idea: Swing by QFC and grab a couple stalks on the way to a party. Order a jazz cup shirt to go all the way.

The Bear’s Carmy Berzatto 

Is there anything local about FX and Hulu’s kitchen culture magnum opus? Unless you count West of Chicago Pizza Company’s exquisite Italian beef sandwich, not explicitly. But sweaty, tattooed line cooks that have no business looking that good after a shift at the fryer are a prime Seattle export. Going to the club dressed in the apron and fitted white tee (consider this two-pack from Eames NW) of this year’s heartthrob is as easy as clocking out.

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