Year in Review

Seattle Met's 5 Most-Read Longform Stories of 2022

The longreads that attracted the most eyeballs this year.

By Seattle Met Staff December 27, 2022


The Twisted Life of Clippy

By Benjamin Cassidy

In the ’90s, Microsoft created an annoying paperclip that it quickly retired. Its developers never imagined the virtual assistant would become a cultural icon.


Image: Michael Byers

The Scientific Methods of J. Kenji López-Alt

By Allecia Vermillion

He interrogates the chemistry of smash burgers and probes the elements of wok cooking. But outside J. Kenji López-Alt’s Seattle kitchen, one of America’s most influential home cooks gets a little more reactive. 


Image: Mike Kane

The Race to Free Washington's Last Orca in Captivity

By Benjamin Cassidy

A southern resident’s violent capture off Whidbey Island was the original sin of a now-defunct local industry. Decades later, a Lummi-led effort to bring her home is on the verge of an improbable breakthrough. 


Let This Be the Last Time

By Allecia Vermillion

Fire took everything they owned. When Ijeoma Oluo and Gabriel Teodros rebuilt, they filled their new home with memories and meaning right from the start. 


The Ancient Spirit That Settled in Small-Town Washington

By Allison Williams

An hour south of Seattle, JZ Knight channels a god-like warrior named Ramtha. To outsiders it can look like a cult, a religion, a 40-year-long fake. Clearly, something otherworldly has come to a sleepy corner of Thurston County. 

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