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Our 15 Most Read and Memorable Stories of 2021

The articles (and lists) that captured the attention of our city this year.

By Seattle Met Staff December 17, 2021

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Over the past 12 months we refreshed our browsers in search of shots and celebrated the gradual reopening of the city. Live music came back; eating in an actual restaurant did too. We phased out of (remember those?) Covid closures, ate our feelings, tried to recall what the heck just happened, and projected what the future might bring. In short, 2021 sure was something. Here are some of our most notable reads from the past year.

Image: Amber Fouts

The Espresso Martini: Still All That and a Bag of Chips

Part origin story, part trend report, this article tracks the resurgence of a cocktail that's hella fly in the minds of many a bar customer. Warning: Nineties references abound.

Seattle City Hall

Who’s Running for Mayor in Seattle?

Before Bruce Harrell was elected mayor, before defunding the police dominated debates, there was a growing list of hopefuls throughout 2021 for the position soon to be vacated by Jenny Durkan. The public's glancing curiosity on the matter in the lead-up to election season vaulted this into our top stories of the year.

Does Hollywood Think Seattle Is Sexy?

Perhaps the necessity of social distancing finally melted our notoriously chilly (and flaky) hearts. Instead of Netflix and chill, we Netflixed and yearned—or so the recent spate of Hollywood rom-coms set in our fair city would have us believe.

After 15 Months, Here’s What a Real Seattle Concert Looks Like

Remember when showing your vaccination card was some newfangled thing? The first proper Seattle concert after the onset of the pandemic took us to Neumos, where the hopped-up-on-antibodies crowd celebrated a return to normalcy during what we all thought would be a hot vax summer. Little did we know.

A Hockey Fan’s Guide to the Seattle Kraken

The long-awaited arrival of the National Hockey League's newest team came amid much media attention and fanfare, guilty parties present. Our Kraken coverage ran the gamut from where to eat near Climate Pledge Arena to how to dress hockey to where to watch a game if the hefty ticket prices aren't quite your jam. 

Image: Olivia Brent

A Farewell to Thierry Rautureau’s Luc

It was the restaurant closure that felt like the end of an era. Executive editor and resident food doyenne Allecia Vermillion opined about Thierry Rautureau's impact on Seattle's dining scene.

The Canadian Border Fully Reopens to Travelers

Clearly, Seattleites missed their brethren to the north. Or maybe just the poutine. Deputy editor and travel font of knowledge Allison Williams answered pressing questions about when we could finally venture forth to the land of free health care, landing this story on our most-read list.

Where to Find Covid Vaccine Booster Shots in King County

The initial frantic vaccine search of early spring petered out, only to rebound again when boosters came around. Now with the Omicron variant and expanding booster eligibility, this list of government-backed vaccination sites across King County continues to garner interest.

Crystal Mountain Gets Glamping Tents This Summer

Camping...but make it glamorous. The arrival of snazzy glamping tents at Crystal Mountain—perfect for our socially distanced summer—drummed up quite the interest and also derision at the sizable price tag.

Olympia’s Left Bank Pastry brings French flair to the capital city.

Image: Kyle Johnson

10 Sweet Bakery Day Trips from Seattle

Those pre-vax days were rough, and the evidence is in our no-excuses-needed consumption of carbs. No surprise, but we were more than willing to travel for them.

9 of Washington’s Most Extraordinary New Laws

Politicos track laws and legislative sessions like you might track your Amazon Prime package. Thankfully, senior editor Benjamin Cassidy helped break things down for those of us less versed in the inner workings of state government. 

Image: Amber Fouts

Seattle Restaurants (and Bars) with Covered, Heated, and Tented Patios

We really, really, really wanted to eat out this year, and the proliferation of covered patios dotting our streets was perhaps the most visible evidence of that. This massive list of which restaurants and bars are rocking the outdoor dining thing was our most-read story of the year.

Image: AJ Ragasa

The Everybody on Your List Guide to Gifting in Seattle

When you work in media, you start getting gift guide pitches in August—and it snowballs from there. Enter style editor Zoe Sayler, who scoured stores and distilled mountains of press releases into several definitive shopping lists for every type of  Seattleite. These guides are good year-round for birthdays, anniversaries, and "hey, just because" occasions too. 

Property Watch: A Tacoma Midcentury House with a Moat of Ferns

Our House Hunters–esque approach to make real estate gawking a local affair resulted in our wildly popular Property Watch column. This relatively (it's all relative) "affordable" midcentury marvel in Tacoma turned heads, easily becoming the most viewed home in the entire series. 

Image: Amber Fouts

Seattle’s 100 Best Restaurants

Did we mention people really wanted to eat out this year? Our ever-changing list of restaurant greats incites quite the buzz and consternation each time it's updated. This year it landed in our top five most popular stories of 2021.

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