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Seattle is a city of loyal fans. Whether our team is winning, losing, or even playing is kind of irrelevant; what matters is that they're ours

That's why, long before the start of the Kraken hockey team's inaugural season, several parties at a Ballard brewery got up to cheer for a random man in a deep-sea-blue jersey. That's why our first-ever preseason game in Spokane sold out. That's why we want to get in on the fun. Here's our favorite Kraken gear for casual fans and hockey-heads alike: We're all, after all, on the team.

Seattle Kraken Beanie Hat, It's in the Bag Crochet


For the true-blue superfan, this handmade "beanie"—the understatement of the season—is crocheted by a former local (and current Kraken supporter) who grew to love Seattle sports after a stint working for the Mariners at Safeco Field. Handmade items, naturally, take time to arrive—but it'll pay off eightfold in stadium stares.

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Men's Seattle Kraken Fanatics Branded White Away Breakaway Custom Jersey, NHL Shop


Image: NHL Shop

Does it get more legit than the actual jersey? Go big (and, uh, prevent theft) with customization, either serious or silly—plenty of fans go with their own last names; Macklemore got his emblazoned with "Goose Magee," the name of his former vintage mall on Capitol Hill.

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Hocktopus Ice Blue Hoodie, Simply Seattle Local


We don't actually know what the mysterious Kraken looks like—our only hint is in the single tentacle and glowing red eye of the official logo. This imagining manages to be both intimidating and adorable.

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All Star Dogs Seattle Kraken Jersey, All the Best Pet Care Local


Available from size extra small to extra extra large—because a fan's best friend, whether Maltese or mastiff, will not be left out of the festivities.

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Kraken Unisex Shirt, Alair Seattle Local


Look the part at an NHL watch party without regretting the event-specific wardrobe addition: Featuring an original graphic designed in Ballard at Factory 43 (and the only Kraken we've seen wearing tentacle ice skates), this seafoam-blue unisex T-shirt is cool in its own right.

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American Needle Seattle Kraken Basic Knit Beanie Navy, Standard Goods Local


Turns out it's actually pretty cold in hockey arenas? Give that trendy Carhartt knit cap a break with a cozy beanie from our go-to shop for products made in and for the Pacific Northwest.

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Seattle Kraken Women's Racerback Hockey Tank, Bench Clearers

$56 $60

The only NHL games played during the warm season were a long shot for this rookie team—but we don't need to make the playoffs to rep the Kraken all year long. This moisture-wicking, jersey-inspired polyester tank is built for off-season cross-training (aka jogging around Lake Union). Check out the Bench Clearers website for the men's version ($56), and the mesh shorts ($40) to match. 

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Fanatics Secondary Logo Cuffed Knit Hat with Pom, NHL Shop


Image: NHL Shop

Ah, the secondary logo. To the naked eye, a simple anchor; to the trained local, the least touristy Space Needle graphic ever concocted. Embroidered on a cozy knit cap, it makes fandom look damn near fashionable.

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Kids Seattle Kraken Teddy Fleece Zip-Up Jacket, Nordstrom Local


If you're a parent in the age of the Kraken, it's only a matter of time before you get dragged to the Northgate iceplex for a round (and around, and around, and around) of skating. Avoid complaints about the frigid indoors by wrapping your family's littlest hockey fan in fuzzy fleece that'll do the trick on and off the ice. Various locations

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Let's Get Kraken Sweater, Mimic Gaming Company


While this unisex sweatshirt isn't technically designed with our hometown team in mind, that just means you're less likely to be involved in a "Who Wore It Better" situation with everyone else in line for poutine. Which means more alone time to think of additional Kraken puns.

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American Needle Blue Line Seattle Kraken Hat, Pro Jersey Sports


The Kraken's signature ice blue is perhaps the most universally flattering primary color of any Seattle team ("action green" may be fun, but it isn't doing us any favors). Stand out in the crowd with a cap that gives that design team the credit they deserve.

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Seattle Kraken Women in Hockey New Era Beanie, Seattle Hockey Team Store Local


Local artist Stevie Shao's incredibly cool Women in Hockey merch collaboration with the Kraken sold out quick—but you can still nab a beanie adorned with her brightly colored plant-print logo. Some proceeds go to the team's philanthropic arm (or should we say tentacle)?

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