6 Seattle Strategies for Super Bowl Avoidance

Avoiding football like the plague? When the big game rolls around, these spots are extra super.

By Nicole Martinson, Nicole Pasia, and Ryan Phelan January 31, 2020

Sunday's probably your best chance for some ski lift elbow room.

Whether you’re still mourning the early end of the Seahawks’ season or football simply isn’t your sport of choice, tuning into Super Bowl LIV on Sunday isn’t for everyone.

Don't just watch the big game out of social obligation (a few high-priced commercials and a Jennifer Lopez x Shakira halftime show can only go so far). Here are some football-free survival options to keep yourself entertained on Sunday.

Step Away from the 7-Layer Dip

If you're not a fan of mouth-numbing hot wings and whatever threatening connotation “loaded baked potatoes” carry, head to a farmers market for some fresher options from around the state. Fremont, Ballard, and West Seattle all hold Sunday markets, where vendors sell everything from fresh oysters to jewel-toned jars of honey.

Play Tourist for a Day

The prospect of spending a day at the Seattle Center rings alarm bells the exact frequency of a tour group’s din. This weekend, though, you probably won’t have to squeeze past too many crowds to get a good look at the staples that make Seattle so explorable. The CityPASS is one way to do it all on a discount: Visit five attractions for $99, including the Space Needle, Seattle Aquarium, and Museum of Pop Culture. (Bonus: MoPOP's new exhibit Body of Work: Tattoo Culture opens on Saturday.)

Hit the Suddenly Deserted Trails

This might be the one Sunday this year that you won’t have to elbow twenty CamelBaks out of your way to get that perfect shot of Rattlesnake Lake (peruse our Trail Finder for almost 100 other hiking spots). Chances are high that nearby ski areas will feel like (relative) ghost towns too—if you’re more of a player than a spectator, Super Bowl Sunday is your time to shine on the slopes.

Support a Local Team

You might miss the Hawks’ presence in this year’s Super Bowl, but you don’t have to miss out on another local sports team still going strong this season: University of Washington’s women’s basketball team goes up against Cal State on Sunday.

Literally Just Brunch

We are huge brunch fans, if you couldn’t tell. For those who have been avoiding the most important meal of the day in fear of hungry crowds, this is your chance to try a new spot without an endless waitlist—or relish the quiet of your go-to favorite.

Don't Miss the Boat

Whether you want to explore the Olympic Peninsula or indulge in a Bainbridge Island wine tour, what better way to travel than on our famed waterways? Load a monthly ferry pass onto your ORCA card or take a day tour on an Argosy Cruise. You can leave your jersey behind, but be sure to pack a camera.

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