Image: Melinda Beck

6) Rape Survivors in Washington State Run Against a Ticking Clock

Most people sexually assaulted in ­Washington state have just three years to pursue criminal charges against their ­assailant. A bill to remove the statute of limitations would change that. Until then, survivors who seek justice are racing against time. By Hayat Norimine 

Image: Ryan Garcia

5) A Rumor in Madrona

Before Info Wars or Pizzagate, a right-wing conspiracy theory led to the murder of Seattle lawyer Charles Goldmark and his family. Can a decades-old deadly home invasion case help unmask the dangers of the misinformation age? By James Ross Gardner

Image: Michael Byers

4) Darren Berg on the Run: Inside the Biggest Ponzi Scheme in Washington State History

He owned yachts and sped around the country in Lear jets—spoils from the more than $100 million he bilked from investors—before he was convicted and sent away to serve an 18-year sentence in federal prison. Then, late last year, Darren Berg disappeared. By Ciara O'Rourke

Image: Brandon Hill

3) Spell Casters, a ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Origin Story

A Boeing employee and a mathematician dreamed up a new kind of collectible card game in a Seattle parking lot 25 years ago. They couldn’t have known Magic: The Gathering would change the gaming world forever. By Darren Davis

Image: Zach Meyer

2) The Boat at the Bottom of the Sea

More than a year after a Seattle-based crabber vanished in Alaska’s Bering Sea, its final hours remain a mystery. The surviving family of the Destination’s crew—and one intrepid investigator—seek to uncover the secrets the ocean still keeps. By Eva Holland

1) The Sainthood of Dave Matthews Has Been Indefinitely Postponed

He’s one of the highest grossing musicians alive. He fills stadiums. He fills the Gorge. So why won’t Seattle claim its biggest rock star? By Allison Williams

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