Candidate forum mb218s

The 46th District Democrats's candidate forum last month at the Seattle Mennonite Church. 

At this rate, the city could plan a very effective heist with the number of mayoral candidates, nearly double the crew from Ocean's Eleven. Or form two fully rostered basketball teams to play games at KeyArena (or Sodo); they may not be the Sonics, but it'd still be entertaining.

With the announcement of state representative Jessyn Farrell this morning and former U.S. attorney Jenny Durkan, the crowded mayor's race now has 14 candidates with council member Lorena González also expected to enter. The official filing week starts Monday. Two of them will survive the August 1 primary (though I may not) to make it to the November 7 general election.

Seattle mayor Ed Murray's announcement Tuesday that he's no longer running for reelection—after a month battling allegations of sexually abusing teens decades ago—left an open race with few high-profile candidates (activists Nikkita Oliver and Cary Moon), none who have held elected office with the exception of former mayor Mike McGinn. Now there are two state legislators, including Bob Hasegawa, and a potential council member thrown into the mix. 

In an emotionally charged election season, the flood of candidates has inspired some comedic relief.