"5:15am. Metro. Not a good sign for good seats."

So reports our correspondent at the inauguration, who's staying about 50 minutes north of D.C. near the Shady Grove stop. That's the last stop on the Red Line. He just boarded the train there on his way to Union Station—which is about 4 blocks north of the Capitol—where the swearing in is happening at 11:30 est. He's got 9th-row seats.  

My parents live near the Shady Grove stop, so I recognize the angle; but I've never seen a crowd like that: A backup just to get to the fare card machines to get to the escalators to get to the platform?

Although, I guess this "historic" thing is getting a little out of hand. Our correspondent also filed this report at 4am: "I always want to remember this breakfast."


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