Is Sting as "Real" as Bono?

By Josh Feit January 21, 2009

According to The Hill , Rep. Jim McDermott (D-7, WA.) used some inauguration tickets as bait to try to get his picture taken with Sting. 
A few days before the inauguration, [McDermott] was asked if he had any inauguration tickets. McDermott said he did, because some people had cancelled their plans to attend. Who wanted the tickets? he asked. Sting, he was told. Sure, he said.

There was one condition, he was giving them to Sting directly. No courier.

So they met at The Huffington Post party Monday night.

"But we borrowed a camera from back home, and when we tried to take a picture, it didn’t work," McDermott said. "He said, 'That's okay. When I'm in Washington, get in touch and maybe we can work something out."

Apparently McDermott likes having his picture taken with the celebrities. Several years ago, McDermott told me and Eli Sanders that Angelie Jolie and Bono were the two most "real" people he knew. This after getting his photo taken with the beautiful Jolie.
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