Best of the City

Best of the City <p>Take an international tour of Seattle to experience the best taco joint, sushi bar, Bollywood theater, Italian pizza, tae kwon do, Russian spa, French cleaner, nail salon, Korean cooking class, Polish film festival, Swedish furniture, and more&mdash;much more. Plus: A singing teenager from Federal Way channels the voice of Johnny Cash. And that&rsquo;s the problem. Can he make it as a star in his own right? And in a rundown Tukwila refugee apartment complex a new world city is taking shape, and one teenage girl is at the center of it.</p>

In this issue:

Arts & Culture


Looking Good, Doing Good

Pictures from recent charity benefits and fundraisers in the Seattle community.


On the Town

Con Song

Tony winner Scott Wittman talks fast about turning the movie Catch Me If You Can into a tune-filled play for 5th Avenue Theater.

06/23/2009 By Steve Wiecking

On the Town

Costume Couture

Fashion designer Luly Yang discusses her first time designing for the stage for the Teatro ZinZanni production Bottega ZinZanni—All Dressed Up with Somewhere to Go.

06/23/2009 By Katie Cornell


Vince Mira Won’t Walk the Line

Billed as the Second Coming of Johnny Cash, a teenager from Federal Way wowed rock stars, morning news shows, Ellen DeGeneres, and the Cash estate. There’s just one problem: Vince Mira, a regular performer at the Seattle bar the Can Can, is done parroting

06/23/2009 By James Ross Gardner


Best of the City 2009

Restaurants, shops, sports, arts, entertainment: Take an international tour of Seattle to experience the best taco joint, sushi bar, Bollywood theater, Italian pizza, tae kwon do, Russian spa, French cleaner, nail salon, Korean cooking class, Polish film

06/23/2009 With Steve Wiecking, Kathryn Robinson, Matthew Halverson, James Ross Gardner, Eric Scigliano, Laura Cassidy, Karen Quinn, Alex Girma, and Kelley Frodel Edited by Jessica Voelker


Sound Off

How to support the Sounders FC when the team plays England’s Chelsea FC at Qwest July 18.

06/22/2009 By Matthew Halverson

On the Town

Back to Its Roots

Former magazine No Depression— now a web publication run by Kyla Fairchild—celebrates Americana music online and in concert with the first-ever No Depression Festival. The line-up includes musicians Gillian Welch, Jesse Sykes and the Sweet H

06/22/2009 By Brian J. Barr


Doggie Dog World

Dogs in Seattle ride the bus, go to work, and look really cute in clothes. Sorry, but I’m just not that into them.

06/22/2009 By Kathryn Robinson

Passing Through

Worried Man

Actor Paul Giamatti returned to Seattle for a screening of the movie Cold Souls at the Seattle International Film Festival. But don’t make a big deal about it.

06/22/2009 By Steve Wiecking

Eat & Drink


A Fruity Twofer

Pluots, recalling textures of a plum and the flesh of an orange, fall in farmers’ favor because their harvest season stretches from mid-June through late October. The products of crossbreeding, pluots come in varieties like Flavor Supreme and Dapple

06/23/2009 By Jess Thomson


Upscale Vietnamese Meets the Late-Night Scene

From Tam Nguyen, whose family owns the restaurant Tamarind Tree, comes a new downtown hot spot: Long Provincial Vietnamese, the latest to join the trend of upscale Vietnamese restaurants.

06/23/2009 By Kathryn Robinson

Editor's Note


A Note from the Editor

World View

06/22/2009 By Katherine Koberg

Health & Wellness


Balls of Fury

At Underdog Sports Leagues’ dodgeball matches—a throwback to elementary school playground games—it’s bean or be beaned. The more than 500 dodgeballers playing on Underdog teams follow one simple rule: Dodge the ball.

06/23/2009 By Sean Leslie


A Healthy Dose of Skepticism

Being home to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, PATH, and the Seattle Biomedical Research Institute, global health is a big industry in Seattle—which means it may be in danger of forgetting the billions of people it set out to help.

06/23/2009 By Tom Paulson


Resource Hog

The impact of swine flu on the Seattle metro area as of mid-June.




Mail from the Metro


News & City Life


Coming to America

In a rundown refugee apartment complex in Tukwila a new world city is taking shape, and one teenage girl named Helber Moo—an ambassador for the International Rescue Committee—is at the center of it.

06/23/2009 By Eric Scigliano

The Election

Nickels Reelection Watch

Michael McGinn is the only challenger posing a threat to mayor Greg Nickels’s rank as greenest candidate in the November election.

06/22/2009 By Karen Quinn


Things That Go Boom

The Seattle City Council banned fireworks sales in the ’90s, but at the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation’s fireworks emporium, open from late May till early July, the fireworks bans don’t apply.

06/22/2009 By Karen Quinn


Phoning It In

Five locally created apps to download for the iPhone 3G S.

06/22/2009 By Karen Quinn

Style & Shopping


City Sunsets

Seattle shops stock bright, sunny shades and cool, modern neutrals to while away summer evenings.

06/23/2009 By Laura Cassidy

Style counsel

True to Form

Questions for artist and designer Jonas de Varona, of men and women’s clothing line Meet Me Here.

06/22/2009 By Laura Cassidy