Hamburger Homework
Who did your write-up for the 13 best burgers in Seattle (Best Burgers, June 2009)? Was this outsourced to Hyderabad? Lunchbox Laboratory is hands down the best burger in town. Did your journalist even trek out there? And where’s Dick’s? It may not be the best burger, but it’s a classic.

Check out Lunchbox. When you have done that you can print a retraction. You’ll see the error in Seattle Met’s ways.
Jason (last name withheld)

Seattle Met editors ate burgers at Lunchbox Laboratory, and at Dick’s, and debated vigorously whether to include them. In the end other burgers ranked higher. —Editor

Thank you for mentioning Mulleady’s in your Note from the Editor(“To Drool For,” June 2009). While we are a bit—actually more than a bit—disappointed we did not make the top 13 burgers, we are grateful for the mention.

The December snowstorm was a challenge for all of us, and I am gratified to hear that we were able to provide you with a bit of enjoyment despite the weather.
Travis Stanley-Jones
Owner, Mulleady’s Irish Pub and Restaurant

There Goes My Diet
I’m trying to lose a few pounds and you go throwing those great-looking burgers (Best Burgers, June 2009) all over the magazine. Great issue.

Matt Heinz

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