Where to Get Your Pumpkin Spice Fix in Seattle

Some of the city's most intriguing PSL-themed options for your cozy fall needs.

By Annette Maxon and Courtney Cummings

Bluebird Ice Cream's pumpkin selection has us fully in our fall mood.

‘Tis the season for back-to-school notebooks, the endless parade of Trader Joe’s pumpkin snacks, and the infamous pumpkin spice latte. For something a little different than the standard pumpkin fare, these Seattle locales put their twist on everything pumpkin spiced.

Bluebird Ice Cream’s Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie

Phinney Ridge

The Phinney Ridge creamery riffs off the pie that graces Thanksgiving tables with an ice cream–centric variation: a not-so-delicate waffle cone crust encases a pumpkin ice cream filling, topped with a sprinkling of pecans, brown sugar, and whipped cream. Pie orders can be placed starting November 1; for more immediate gratification, the Phinney Ridge scoop shop serves scoops of pumpkin pie ice cream in a pumpkin spiced waffle cone starting October 1.

Ellenos Pumpkin Pie Yogurt

Pike Place Market and various grocery stores

A combination so simple it borders on masterful—this Seattle cult classic layers lightly spiced pumpkin puree with Ellenos’s traditional yogurt. Make sure to stir the two together to get those satisfying pumpkin-y swirls throughout before dumping on the accompanying pumpkin cookie crumbles (if you haven’t eaten them already). Time to rush to the nearest QFC or Costco, or head straight to the source at the Pike Place storefront: As of September 1, Pumpkin Pie is back on the shelves.

Juice Press’s Pumpkin Spice Protein Smoothie

University Village

For those days when your body craves something more nutritious than yet another pumpkin spice latte, Juice Press’s protein-forward seasonal brings the spicy-sweet goodness of its latte counterpart alongside some actual nutrients, too: fall spices blend with almond butter, banana, and hemp seeds for 23 grams of pumpkin spiced protein power. Get one blended at the U Village counter, opt for delivery, or order a DIY smoothie kit from Juice Press’s extensive online marketplace.

Macrina Bakery

Various locations

As if Macrina's consistently good squash harvest loaf wasn’t enough, this institution has released a full pumpkin-centric lineup available well into December. The seasonal muffin does double pumpkin duty with a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds atop a ginger-spiced pastry, while the chocolate-studded pumpkin cookies might convince you to start baking everything with the fall gourd. If you’re planning your desserts a few days out, the mini pumpkin cheesecakes are well worth the pre-order requirement.

Mighty-O's Pumpkin Spice Doughnut

Various locations

Mighty-O brings back its comforting pumpkin spice doughnut and at the end of September. Gently spiced and coated with a brown sugar glaze that melts when dunked in its latte counterpart, the vegan doughnut chain has captured what fall means to many Seattleites—pumpkin spice and plenty of coffee. Visit one of the three brick-and-mortar locations before a meeting to make the whole Zoom call jealous or, if crunched for time, get your doughnut fix delivered to your door. 

Molly Moon’s Pumpkin Clove Ice Cream

Various locations

Bye, summer—the homegrown ice cream empire has flipped the calendar to fall's pumpkin clove seasonal (drool), made with real pumpkin and spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, and, duh, cloves. 

Seattle Cider Company's Pumpkin Spice Cider

Various locations (or order online)

The pumpkin cider at Seattle’s original cidery has hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, clove, and, of course, pumpkin, all of which pairs perfectly, so we hear, with sharp cheddar or carrot cake. Actually, it might just sound like liquid pumpkin pie. Count us really intrigued.

Shake Shack’s Pumpkin Shake

South Lake Union, University Village

This pumpkin shake may win the hearts of pumpkin spice–skeptics. The chain’s traditional frozen custard is blended with cinnamon, marshmallow, and globs of real pumpkin; add some crunch from the pumpkin seed topping and you’ve got a compelling argument that Shake Shack does pumpkin just as well as fries. Visit the SLU location or the sparkling new University Village storefront for your fix. Don’t want to walk through the rain? Order online for home delivery.

Sweet Alchemy’s Pumpkin Spice Latte Ice Cream 

University District

Lois Ko’s creamery gives a nod to the drink that started it all—in ice cream form. The Pumpkin Spice Latte flavor, a pumpkin base dotted with espresso shortbread chunks and swirls of espresso caramel, is available for scoops and pints starting the last week of September. Need more? Add a scoop (or two) of the vegan pumpkin pie.

Top Pot's Pumpkin Old Fashioned

Various locations

The pumpkin old fashioned at Seattle’s go-to doughnut chain debuted in 2008, before pumpkin spice became full-on synonymous with fall. Canned (but real!) pumpkin flavors put a twist on a classic treat; they even double down with a pumpkin spice glaze. 

Westman’s Absolute Pumpkin Bagel

Capitol Hill

Thought you’d never spend a drizzly Saturday morning standing in line for, well, anything? Pumpkin bagels topped with this Capitol Hill bagel counter’s classic schmear might get you out the door earlier than you thought possible. Not to mention the almond pumpkin rugelach—layers of lightly browned pumpkin pastry harmonized with almond filling.

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