Image: Danny Hellman

1. The Seattle Sog

Like your favorite overnight oats, but soaked (and miserable) for a fortnight.

2. Deep-Fried Bellini

Comes with a server hoarse from explaining what that even is.

3. The Mighty Duck

Bloody mary garnished with whole geoduck.

4. Om-elette

Keep that post-yoga serenity going with egg whites and a smug refusal of mimosa.

5. Eggs Fremontine

Californify this neighborhood classic by adding avocado and $10 of instantaneous inflation.

6. Encrusted Toast

A smear of hand-churned butter atop seven grains, each imported from a different biome.

7. Shrimp and Regrets

Your check comes in a vintage tin can and is roughly as much as aPodment rent.

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