Thin and thick crust, together under one storied roof.

Pizza Across (State) Borders

Two Microsoft alums have transformed the original Red Robin in Eastlake (empty since 2010) into Johnny Mo's, a pizzeria that, gasp, serves thick and thin crust pies. The menu also has salads, calzones, grinders, and a collegial NY vs. Chicago vibe. 

A Salumi Rebrand

Salumi, now in the hands of co-owners Clara Veniard and Martinique Grigg, has rebranded the lineup of salami you can buy in grocery stores. As of this week (November 11 was the official rollout), Salumi's chubs of classic salami, finocchiona, mole, hot soppresata, and more will sell under the name Coro. Meats now also come in jazzy, colorful wrappers. It's a very visible step in the owners' long-term plan to expand this fiercely beloved Seattle brand into a broader retail arena. Per the release, the changeup is an effort to grab shoppers' eyeballs amidst crowded store shelves, and avoid confusion between salumi the retail category and Salumi the brand.

Big Beer's Sense of Irony

Is there a German word for news that's surprising and yet not at all unexpected? If so, let's apply it to the news that Anheuser-Busch InBev will purchase the remainder of Redhook Brewing. AB-InBev's been marching through craft beer territory for a while now, but this one is bittersweet considering Redhook was founded in 1981 specifically as a response to mass-market beer.

Major Taproom Debuts

In happier beer news, The Seattle Times says Georgetown Brewing has opened its new taproom, meaning fans can now get pints, not just growlers, at the brewery. Meanwhile, Bellingham's excellent Aslan Brewing now has a taproom in Fremont.

Closure (Not the Therapeutic Kind)

Wallyhood says the stalwart May Restaurant and Lounge has shuttered its ornate address in Wallingford. What's next for the space: Another Thai restaurant, Sisi Kay Thai. In Fremont closure news, Eater Seattle says the lovely pie shop with the straightforward name (it's literally called Pie) is closing both its brick and mortar presence and the related food truck.

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