Bummer, Sort Of

Eric Rivera's Addo 206 Counter Closes Inside Batch 206 Distillery

Bye bye burgers, roast pork bowls, and big-as-your-torso chicharrones.

By Rosin Saez October 8, 2019

The Richard Burger and jojos will live on—just not inside the distillery's tasting room.

Image: Delaney Brown

Eric Rivera has run a gamut of dining concepts in Seattle under Addo for a few years now (I dubbed it the Netflix of popups). One of those spin-offs came in the form of an anything-goes countertop, Addo 206, inside Batch 206 Distillery's tasting room in Interbay, which opened in June and replaced Oaky's Tex Mex. After a brief bout, though, Rivera's Addo 206 has closed. It served its last chicharron and jibarito sandwich in that space on October 6.

Rivera says Addo 206’s temporary residency inside Batch 206 was planned from the beginning. But the exit happened slightly earlier than anticipated "considering the growth of the rest of our business outside of the Interbay space." Addo's Ballard flagship has long hosted tasting menu dinners, themed brunches, and special events. Rivera says the catering biz has picked up, too. "All the other things we do have blown up and we are expanding those experiences with new staff and new touches to the space so that's pretty rad!"

Beyond Ballard, Rivera's looking for a permanent place on Capitol Hill—something he's been doing for a while, but the right one just hasn't opened up yet. "But we have been doing site visits for a few months now and we are ready when we find the right space."

Batch 206 hasn't returned requests for comment, but the next chapter for the counter is supposedly a cantina-esque concept, which is certainly fitting for its deep list of fun cocktails.

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