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Escape the Heat: Where to Find Dole Whip Around Seattle

Between scratch soft serve and boozy slushies, there are more iterations of the elusive Disney treat than you might think.

By Anna Coumou August 5, 2019

Assembly Hall spruces up Dole Whip with a wide range of (boozy) flavors. 

Image: Assembly Hall

Aside from the illustrious pineapple flavor, the beloved frozen treat comes in mango, lemon, orange, raspberry, strawberry, and lime. Dole even offers a recipe for the pineapple whip online (with a twist: add bananas!), but if you’re in the mood for a locally curated confection, here’s where to find them:

Aloha Cup Bap 

This Central District poke bar was too popular to remain in just one location, so it added a Broadway outpost in the spring just a mile north. And it’s added something else, too: Besides saucy, fresh tuna and salmon, the Hawaiian shop now serves Dole Whip. Cup Bap makes the swirly substance in-house year-round, offering toppings like li hing mui (salty-sweet dried plum powder, an Aloha state obsession) and pineapple chunks. 

Assembly Hall 

Tom Douglas’s Sixth Ave counter-service spot dispenses perhaps the most elaborate iterations of the pineapple soft serve. Using a mix from Dole to make the dairy-free whip—and also offering a blend with their housemade vanilla soft serve base—Assembly Hall’s various takes add some body to the treat, albeit, at times, to the detriment of its vegan appeal. The whip that begs to be floated is served here straight-up, drowned in rosé with an aperol float, or as a “Mai Pineapple Tai”—rum-forward and, again, afloat. If you’ve still got work to do, have it as a strawberry creamsicle, made buoyant with housemade vanilla-strawberry soda, or drown it in dark chocolate fudge with cayenne crispies.


Chinatown–International District’s family-owned poke shop makes an incredibly fresh, pure-flavored version of Hawaii’s raw fish salad, mixed in batches, so it’s lightly marinated. More importantly, they serve Dole Whip year-round—straight-up or as a float with fresh pineapple and li hing mui. Especially festive is the Pina Dolada (get it?) with coconut flakes and coconut cream. The best part? Each and every one of the vegan treats is topped with gummy bears. Just because. 

Launched this summer, Rachel's Ginger Beer serves the DW year-round at all of its locations. 


Menchie’s (uber kid-friendly) bright shops can be found all over, from Shoreline to Greenlake to West Seattle, and most places in-between, making Dole Whip near-dangerously accessible. The froyo giant’s recipe is a simple and allergen-free mix of water, pineapple powder, sugar, and a few preservatives. Offering a wide variety of toppings (as froyo shops do), Menchie’s provides an opportunity to really do-up the whip with extras like marshmallow sauce, cheesecake pieces, or even fresh bananas. 

Rachel's Ginger Beer 

If ginger is good for the stomach, and fond memories are good for the heart, then Rachel’s Ginger Beer has comforting news: It’s serving Dole Whip at all of its locations (just three for now, but soon enough, four). Importing the original whip, RGB offers it straight-up, as a float with any ginger beer flavor, or even as a boozy float by adding, well, booze—any one of your choosing. The dairy-free soft serve is available all year round to boot.

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