Give us the brew.

Image: Kyle Johnson

Whether you love or hate its glassy, bulbous ways, the Spheres are a destination—all those plants! Renee Erickson joints!—and soon it will face a neighbor with equally iconic status in Seattle: Rachel's Ginger Beer

The local purveyor of a certain beloved effervescent beverage is opening a new location across from Amazon's famous globular structure at Seventh and Lenora. 

Rachel Marshall, yes that Rachel, says the forthcoming spot will be similar to the RGBs we're used to: plenty of plant life, classic Stacey Rozich mural art, Ma'ono Fried Chicken will once again provide the spicy, crunchy sustenance. This particular edge of South Lake Union, downtown, and the Denny Regrade is awash in lunch options, but perhaps less so with casual drinking dens. Marshall calls it a "happy hour desert," so expect the cocktail menu to be a little larger than usual. That means more beer options and some cocktails of the non-RGB variety. Also: boozy slushy machines—Marshall basically made them a bar requisite in this town—plus new concoctions like a sparkling cosmopolitan. "I think the cosmopolitan needs to have a moment again," says Marshall. "Move over, frosé!"

Other libation developments include a CBD slushy that's in testing mode at the Capitol Hill spot. Marshall teamed up with a pair of ex-Amazon women who started an organic CBD company, Dazey. So that will likely make an appearance at the Amazon-adjacent locale. 

Speaking of the age-old biz adage of location, location, location, Marshall says "it was kind of a no-brainer...the Spheres kind of sits in a space that Pike Place Market does as a tourist destination." And since there's a RGB in said market, Marshall's familiar with the visitor crowd. 

As for an opening timeline (insert shrug emoji here), it could be toward the latter end of the year, perhaps late summer or fall.

The announcement was posted on social this morning through a delightful video co-starring Rachel and her most trusted advisors. Watch below: 

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