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Mr. West Unveils Its New U Village Location

Tucked between Piatti and the new home to Bamboo Sushi, Mr. West 2.0 brings brunch and booze to the mall.

By Sam Jones July 25, 2019

Mr. West offers the convenience of an all-day cafe in the midst of your retail needs.  

Image: Sam Jones

Sultry electronica bumps loud (but not too loud). Plants and prints of nuns holding cassettes hang from the industrial-elegant walls. Despite the fact that this new Mr. West is only softly open, the space is lively with young professionals, hip neighbors, and charismatically on-brand employees. 

It was hard to imagine what the new University Village outpost would look like when owners Soni Davé-Schock and Henri Schock announced the expansion in January. The original, downtown location—with its with sleek counters, intentional lighting, and white upholstered booths—is vastly different from Mrs. Cook’s, the bright multicolor kitchen store that occupied this space for four decades before shuttering at the start of the year

But the duo won't forget their predecessor, Mrs. Cook's owner Carol Bromel, anytime soon. “Mrs. Cook's ran a very successful business for over 40 years,” says Schock. “When we think about how much happened in those four decades, with multiple economic downturns, recessions, and an ever-changing retail landscape, we turn that into inspiration to push and drive [Bromel’s] legacy forward.” 

Image: Sam Jones

Mr. West is sticking to its own little legacy too: The new cafe offers the same morning-to-afternoon concepts for food and drink (something that U Village previously lacked)—lattes, toasts, and loaded sandwich and soup combos, frosé—along with some tweaks, like a Vancouver-based guest roaster and a matcha cocktail. 

According to Schock, the quintessential Mr. West experience starts with a shot of espresso and avocado toast, hangs through lunch with a matcha soda and nicoise salad, then finishes the day at happy hour with rosé and a cheesemonger board. 

Regular hours (7am–10pm daily) and the full menu start August 3—just in time to enjoy the verdant outdoor spaces.

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