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Here Are All the New Restaurants and Shops Coming to U Village

Spoiler alert: One is a Shake Shack.

By Sam Jones July 3, 2019

Hello Robin is among the wave of businesses opening up new locations in University Village. 

When Mary Shelley said, “Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change,” she surely wasn’t talking about Instagram-famous shoes, a new parking garage, or the glorious grease that is Shake Shack. University Village is switching things up, and we definitely aren’t mad about it. Though it can be hard to keep track of everything. Here’s our roundup of the recent and upcoming openings in the world of munchies, workouts, and fashion.

All Things Lifestyle & Retail

Amour Vert
Conscious consumerism can be smooth(er) sailing with this eco-friendly clothing store that opened in April. Effortless staples for mixing and matching and they only use organic fabrics and nontoxic dyeing methods? Music to our ears.

K Banana
The Korean beauty phenom, previously an online-only cosmetics shop, is now offering their sheet masks, sun creams, and more IRL.

The wool and tree-sourced sneakers that swept our Instagram feeds set up shop last month. The best part? The company is going carbon-neutral this year.

Knix Popup
Leakproof bottoms, bras in nearly every size, and bodysuits that don’t make you feel like a wildly uncomfortable ballerina again—the undergarment company opened their popup June 1, and are here to stay through July.

Get your sweat on when the spinning giant taking the U.S. by storm expands north later this summer. Inspiring instructors, motivational tunes, and a group of other dedicated cyclists definitely beats going for a run.

Food & Drink

Bamboo Sushi
Taking over the former home of Blue C Sushi, the Portland-based sustainable seafood chain will start serving up fresh and creative rolls come November. We've already geeked out about their hyperlocal ingredients and species awareness, and won’t stop until we have chopsticks in hand.

Hello Robin
Capitol Hill's cookie mecca will bring its brown butter snickerdoodles, lemon-glazed poppyseed, and orange habanero chocolate chip creations to a second location next door to the incoming Shake Shack.

Mr. West
The moms and millennials of U Village will be thrilled with this all-day cafe’s bounty of assorted toasts and espresso—potentially too much with the prospect of diving into a prosecco sorbet float. Opening later this summer (they're aiming for the third week of July) the hip spot will sport a hidden patio and high ceilings in the space previously occupied by Mrs. Cook’s, which closed this past January. Regardless, the extensive wine selection and weekend brunch is enough for us to say YES to Mr. West.

Shake Shack
The national cult burger chain is bringing the heat with their second spot in Seattle. Actual opening still unknown.

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