The former Crewcuts space has morphed into Amour Vert.

Hip leather jackets. Breezy wrap dresses. Suede woven slides and white sneakers. It all reads ultra cool—like an Instagram ad whose algorithm nailed your style preferences like a fashion horoscope—but for Amour Vert, University Village's latest women's boutique, it's about sustainability too. The California–based company's mission statement is "to revolutionize the fashion industry to make the world a more sustainable place," which reads as buttoned-up biz parlance, but CEO Aaron Hoey puts it much more simply: Make it effortless. That is, make it easy to shop for products and clothing that aren't an environmental bane. And look good, too.

As of April 26, Amour Vert is officially open in the space that was once Crewcuts (J. Crew's children's store spin-off) on the south end of the U District shopping center. It's the second Amour Vert location to open outside of California (the first was in Atlanta).

And in a world full of minutely eco-friendly brands and green buzzwords, Amour Vert produces 97 percent of its goods in the U.S., more specifically in the Bay Area and in LA. "I think becoming trendy, which is, in a lot of ways, a great thing, " says Hoey. "Though there's a lot of confusion because people are defining sustainability in many different ways in the industry." It's no secret that the fashion world has racked up an environmental debt: major water consumption and pollution, use of toxic dyes, microplastic fibers floating around our oceans, to name only a few impacts. That's why only nontoxic color-treated clothing, organic fabrics, and other feel-good fibers line Amour Vert's shelves.

Blouse from the latest line out in May.

The new store is bright and airy, blonde wood tables, and white walls—the lovely wainscoting remains, by the way. Beyond clothing, Amour Vert teams up with other sustainably minded shoemakers, jewelry artists, natural beauty brands, and all those astutely conscious of the environmental impacts. This includes the Seattle shopper. "We're a very data-driven company," says Hoey, "and believe it or not, Seattle is our number five market in the entire country." Oh, we believe it. 

Hoey says they're already on the look out for another Seattle location. Stay tuned! For now, though, Amour Vert is open and stocked with cotton tees that thankfully don't itch—or, you know, harm the earth.

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