One of Salt and Straw's seasonal July flavors: sheep's cheese and strawberries. Expect the same level of intriguing flavor combos at the dinner.

Ice cream for dinner is like a 10-year-old's dream come true—except with rosé and savory ingredients. Well, two flavor maestros are making it a reality: Chef Joe Bayley of Ciudad and Salt and Straw’s own ingredient genius Tyler Malek will collaborate on a five-course dinner on Sunday, July 14.

Out on Ciudad's sun-drenched patio in Georgetown, the ice cream popup will go for five rounds, each with ice cream (or sorbet, or gelato) as the core of each course. The evening opens with cocktails: grilled pineapple pina colada with olive oil ice cream or sherry-and-cola kalimotxo with spruce and cola sorbet. Then things take a savory turn come mealtime during which oysters are crowned with a bloody mary granita and dukkah-spice snap peas and asparagus meet roasted carrot soft serve.

By the the third course you should be questioning everything you know about ice cream flavors and cursing Baskin Robbins for stopping at only 31 of them. Dishes like Dungeness crab (with buttermilk Dippin’ Dots!), barbecue pork shoulder with Thai chile peanut brittle and fish sauce caramel, and ras el hanout sour cream gelato beside a saskatoon berry sponge cake conclude the meal.

What else? Rosé all day, er, all meal with pairings throughout the evening. And guests can take home a copy of Malek's new recipe-packed Salt and Straw Ice Cream Cookbook.

Ciudad and Salt and Straw Ice Cream Dinner
July 14, 5pm, Ciudad, $150

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