The cookie gods giveth: Lowrider Baking Company opens in the Central District this Saturday.

Lowrider Rides into the Central District

At long last cookies-only bakery Lowrider Baking Company is opening its Central District storefront tomorrow, according to the shop's Instagram. Owner Emily Allport has been cruising the farmers market scene and selling wholesale for the last two years, and settled into the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall last October. This new shop, formerly home to Street Treats, gives her a chance to expand her cookie repertoire and offer Olympia Coffee cold brew and Full Tilt ice cream to-go. On top of fan favorites—brown butter triple chocolate chip, birthday cake, s'mores ($2 a pop, or $22 for a dozen)—Allport will also roll out seasonal flavors and stuffed cookies. While spring is still in the air, keep an eye out for ones with strawberry rhubarb pie filling.

Brass Knuckle to Biscuit Bitch

Brass Knuckle Bistro left a little hole in our hearts last month when we heard that it would close (though chef Case Justham gave us a silver lining in the form of a cookbook, maybe popups too). But this week we learned that the White Center restaurant will be replaced by a new Biscuit Bitch outpost, and hey, maybe gravy will soothe our aching chests. According to Eater Seattle, the space will be larger than other locations, which have lines out the door at peak hours. Most of the menu will make the move south, with some additions. Because Brass Knuckle provided a bevy of vegan options, Biscuit Bitch is thinking about introducing vegan biscuits and gravy, and bringing back some retired vegetarian options, like black eyed pea hummus.

The Deli Renaissance Continues

We've been talking about all the new delis on the horizon for Seattle-decades (aka a few months), and now IT IS TIME. Zylberschtein's, the Jewish deli-bakery from Standard Bakery's Josh Grunig, opened on Wednesday, per Eater Seattle. The menu's full of deli standbys, many of them family recipes—matzo ball soup, bagels and lox, and, duh, pastrami on rye—and the space is bright and crisp. Right now, Zylberschtein's is open up in Lake City Wednesday through Saturday, but should be expanding its hours soon, and getting a liquor license. And those Standard Bakery pastries? They'll be there too.

Sichuan Restaurants Incoming

Since January we've been tracking Sichuan hot pot star HaiDiLao's expansion into the Seattle area, and now it has company. According to Eater Seattle, another cult-status Sichuan restaurant, Chengdu Taste, is opening a location in Seattle. In its hometown of LA, the restaurant has earned critical acclaim for some classic Sichuan dishes not often seen in Seattle, like mung bean jelly noodles and fish loaded with Sichuan pepper corn. Chengdu Taste will be housed in Chinatown–International District's revamped Publix building a block north of Uwajimaya. For those of you paying attention to the shakeups happening in the C–ID, that's the same building—once a single-room occupancy hotel—where Hood Famous Cafe and Bar and Dough Zone have recently set up shop. No word on when it will open, so keep your eyes peeled for more news.

Let's Talk It Out

Conversation—the Thompson Hotel's new restaurant concept, which replaces Scout—opened Wednesday. The menu does some globetrotting, featuring local greens, but also octopus in tomato mole, porchetta with salsa verde and green strawberries, and lots of pickle-y treats. Conversation's goal is about "trying to escape from digital life," and create a space for...conversation. Originally, the restaurant had toyed with the idea of introducing "phone valets" to mind diners' devices while they ate an analog meal. The staff's decided not to go forward with the idea—they figured physically taking phones would add too much stress—so you'll be free to zombie out. But please don't.

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