Chef-owner Max Petty with his wife Jennifer Petty and their little family.

Eden Hill is chef-owner Maximillian Petty’s Queen Anne playground of flavor—grand tasting menus, modernist techniques, avant garde New American cuisine with romantic environs too. And Eden Hill Provisions, Petty and his wife Jennifer's forthcoming restaurant with a summer opening at 1935 Queen Anne Avenue North (formerly a Cupcake Royale), is no less about flavor. It is, however, their answer to a common conundrum in Queen Anne.

"I wanted a negroni because it was super hot, and I was walking around with my three-year-old and he wanted french fries," says Petty. "Well, there's nowhere on the hill [where] I could get that and that kind of bothered me, so I bought it." He bought a restaurant, to be precise, as one might do if they're a French-trained chef who sees the void of checks-all-the-boxes restaurants in their neighborhood.

In 2016, when Petty opened Eden Hill, he was "really excited to have a small neighborhood restaurant where everyone could eat...then people wanted more." That more evolved into ever-growing, ever-ambitious tasting menus, plus his "secret" burger on Sundays. "We do about five menus and it's kicking our ass."

What this means for the new restaurant: a warm, family-friendly atmosphere with the a la carte concepts that Petty originally debuted at Eden Hill. Think steak frites and Petty's Big Max smash burger on a challah bun, also housemade charcuterie and salumis, and crab and scallop lasagna baked with brioche.

The "provisions" part comes in the form a little retail corner with Petty's much-obsessed-about foie gras cake batter, pickles you'd find on the in-house burger, bottles of wine, scratch-made hot sauces, a burger kit to-go, maybe even some Eden Hill–churned ice cream, and what Petty is calling his Upper Cookie, which is his response to Met Market's superlative chocolate chip cookie that dominates lower Queen Anne.

You can also order the burger for pick-up online or by phone—like fast food, but you know, with wagyu ground beef—and it'll even come with its own Big Max labeled to-go box.

You should also know that Petty loves brunch. So he'll flex his brunch muscles here to make it a "powerhouse on the hill," with summer sun and about 30 to 40 outdoor seats (about as many seats inside, too) and a little standing bar.

"I still find the beauty in the art of what I do at Eden Hill," says Petty. "But I have to be practical, and I have to feed my kids and feed me—I don't want to go sit down for three hours at a meal after I just [cooked] that." Eden Hill Provisions, then, is perhaps for Petty the epitome of work-life balance.

Updates about Eden Hill Provisions, slated to open late summer, as we have them.

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