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New Pioneer Square Restaurant Fills the Former Radici Space

The name? D&E, which stands for "drink and eats." The crew? A whole mess of talent from Rider, Ciudad, Bar Sajor, Cortina, and Local 360.

By Rosin Saez December 10, 2018

Ever since Radici, Rudy LaValle's love letter of a restaurant to his Calabrian roots, departed Pioneer Square this summer we've been keeping an eye on who and what would fill the red-sauce void. It turns out it's D&E (or D and E as we'll henceforth refer to it), and it quietly opened this past weekend.

At 314 Second Ave South, near spots like Flatstick Pub and Good Bar, D and E, which simply stands for "drink and eats," comes from former Rider GM Jonathan Fleming and his wife Libby Aker. Fleming, who's also had managing stints at Matt Dillon's Bar Sajor and Ciudad in Georgetown, had been wanting to open up a place of his own for a few years. "We were really interested in a space that would be fairly turnkey," says Fleming. "Once we heard that the Radici space was available, it made sense for us to pursue it." (It of course helps Fleming and Aker had lived and worked in the neighborhood for years.)

The "eats" half of the restaurant will be captained by Ben Davison (Local 360, Nell's), a savvy chef whose education includes CIA Hyde Park and a PhD in History. The menu at lunch will focus on the classic power lunch trio: sandwiches, soups, and salad, while dinner means housemade pastas, roasted chicken, garlic sausage, also housemade, plus vegetable-centric dishes, too. 

As for the drinking half Ben Ernst, formerly of Ethan Stowell's Cortina, is sticking to the classics cocktail-wise, with some of which on draft like a Pimm's cup and freshly made ginger beer in addition to beer and wine. 

What else? Happy hour is from 3 to 6, on weekends there shall be brunch (get there for a fried chicken sandwich with steak fries and a can of Rainier, $10). Hours are Tuesday through Friday from 11 to 10 and Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 10. Reservations can be made in person, online, or via telephone.

This article has been updated on December 10, 3:11pm as it is spelled Ben Davison, not Davidson as previously published.

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