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4 New Brunchtime Blessings

Pandan waffles dressed in coconut cream, chicken and biscuits with a kick, and smoky pulled pork omelets.

By Aly Brady November 2, 2018

Spicy chicken and biscuits are a lakefront must at Magnuson Cafe and Brewery.

Image: Thomas Bobson

Magnuson Cafe and Brewery

This lakefront gem in Sand Point will surely make you yearn for summer, but don’t worry, the summer heat lingers in the form of toasty brunch pickings. Start with avocado toast topped with shallots on sourdough—add some pork shoulder why don’t you? Better yet, lounge around with a biscuit topped with spicy cayenne fried chicken and egg, dripping in maple-sausage gravy. If you’re craving sugar, Magnuson serves up an obscenely decadent cinnamon roll from Proven Bakery, replete with cream cheese icing. And if midmorning drinking is your speed, Magnuson has a Brunch Beer (an orange milkshake wit—creamy, fruity…brunchy).

Central Smoke

This wood fired haven has all the meat and seafood you could ever want and then some. Meat lovers can rejoice: This Central District spot’s added brunch to their Sunday program, and it’s as global yet homey as the rest of the menu. The laidback atmosphere lends itself to gathering and feasting on a late morning meal, take, perhaps, the truly “smothered” omelet piled high with potatoes, bacon and melted gruyere. Or, for more smoked meat mornings, you can dig into a benedict, a pulled pork benedict, that is.  What’s more, you can dare to make boozy brunch even trendier by chasing it down with a matcha and rosemary cocktail.

District One Saigon

Inspired by and named for the culinary epicenter of Saigon, Redmond newcomer District Saigon delivers with modern Vietnamese brunch. Pandan waffles tinted green by the titular ingredient, a tropical plant that grows in Vietnam and elsewhere in Southeast Asia, are made sweeter with coconut whipped cream and honey. More savory offerings include mini scallion pancakes with duck eggs, Asian morning staple rice congee, and braised duck and bamboo noodle soup. Try their play on a breakfast sandwich, served with ham and egg banh mi on french bread. If you aren’t seeking a hearty meal, but you’re still yearning for the brunch experience, grab a doughnut with warm soy bean milk.

Super Bueno

While Ethan Stowell’s Cortina makes an appearance in our 12 Best New Restaurants, his family-friendly taco and tequila joint Super Bueno is worth a nod, too. This Fremont eatery throws its hat into the brunch brigade with plenty of spice: Get your quintessential huevos rancheros dressed in housemade salsa and finish it off with one of the 10 local Mexican beers they have on tap. If you’re a little indecisive, you can build your own plate with plenty of eggs and your choice of meat, from well-seasoned braised brisket to chorizo.

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