So...This Happened

The Year in Seattle Restaurant News

From restaurant group shakeups to Shake Shack.

By Allecia Vermillion October 23, 2018 Published in the November 2018 issue of Seattle Met

From left to right, Edouardo Jordan, a Salt and Straw cone, tiki drinks from Navy Strength, and a Great State burger.

Image: Jordan Kay

The Year in Accolades

Edouardo Jordan’s many devotees were thrilled when JuneBaby won Best New Restaurant at the James Beard Awards, then ratcheted into utter fanboy pandemonium when Jordan scored a second win that night, for Best Chef Northwest.

The Year in Transplants

After years of speculation and yearning, two crazily beloved franchises from other cities, Salt and Straw and Shake Shack, touched down here from Portland and New York City.

The Year in Drinks

Navy Strength, Belltown’s anti-kitsch tiki lounge, was declared the Best New Cocktail Bar in America at the annual Tales of the Cocktail gathering, besting some big-name competition for one of the industry’s highest honors.

The Year in...Whoa

News that Renee Erickson’s restaurant group would acquire most of Josh Henderson’s restaurants was the industry’s biggest thunderbolt. Although so far visible changes have been subtle (like new T-shirts at Great State Burger that ditch the cheeky mottos) there’s more in store.

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