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The Bar Gods Giveth: The Saint Is Bringing Tacos Back

Tacos return to the Capitol Hill bar and lounge starting April 20.

By Rosin Saez April 18, 2018

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The Saint's rosy interior matches its bright—truly, it's eye-popping—pink exterior inspired by flowering vine bougainvillea.

Image: Jim Henkens

Last September, the Saint said adios to its food offerings—no more tacos, no queso fundidos. And after a brief renovation, the Capitol Hill bar returned in October with a new look: It shed its teal exterior for an electrifyingly pink one that you sincerely can't miss; it doubled down on cozy lounge vibes. But bar snackage? Not so much.

Owner Quentin Ertel wanted to highlight all things agave with an even stronger laser focus on its tequila and mezcal program. And he did just that. Ertel closed the Saint's kitchen and recast the space as a cocktail lounge, but oh boy, turns out folks really want something to eat whilst quaffing sangria and margaritas. "They had strong feelings about tacos," says Ertel.

And with that, the taqueria makes its official comeback this Friday, April 20.

Ertel's brought in chef Enrique Vargas, who most recently worked at Copal in Pioneer Square, with past stints at Cantinetta and Rover's. Vargas's menu will be concise: four taco options, guacamole, chips and salsa. But its not all about length, people, come on.

Vargas hails from Mexico City and will bring in those deep, handmade flavors. The braised beef short rib taco will come with his own scratchmade mole sauce, crema Mexicana, and queso fresco. There's also chicken adobo with roasted tomato-chipotle salsa, cochinita pibil with a touch of fennel and habanero salsa, a vegetable option, and, in the summer perhaps, a fish taco too. 

Now patrons can sip cocktails and get a trio of tacos in the Saint's plush black and gold banquettes. Taco comebacks are great.


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