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10 Reasons You Should Head to Fremont's Bar House

The bar, recently turned a year old, has brought a welcome dose of weird to the neighborhood.

By Stefan Milne April 10, 2018

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The above-porch neon. 

Image: Kelly O

  1. To enter, you will pass through a gauntlet of smokers on the thin porch. You’ll see gauged ears and tattoos and band patches affixed to denim jackets and hear metal on the stereo. You’ll likely assume things, perhaps about disaffected service and self-serious patrons, but then you’ll likely get the warmest staff welcome you’ve received in a Seattle bar recently—and from a bartender you’ve never met. 
  1. They serve alcohol in the expected manner and at prices perhaps a notch below the neighborhood averages, including $5 craft pints at happy hour. Buy a shot anytime and you get a $1 can of Hamm’s beer with it. 
  1. Follow the sign that reads “Space Back Here” and you’ll enter a backroom painted with ribbons of stardust—floors, ceiling, and walls—glowing in black light.
  1. Their food menu consists hot dogs (including a vegetarian option) and, on weekends, a fish fry on the front porch. 
  1. There’s a photo booth where you can document your wait for the bathroom.
  1. Beside the toilet, there’s a submarine porthole and through it you watch a video of the ocean floor. Sonar plinks included!
  1. They have an effects box that might, oh, stop the music and flash the lights and cut through the bar with haunted-house laughter. The unexpected effect of this will be that you and the strangers around you will look at each other and laugh and strike up interparty conversation. 
  1. There’s a forest room, complete with “campfire” (some fake logs around an orange lightbulb), various faux flora, and cricket sounds. 
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    The forest room at Bar House. 

    Image: Kelly O

  1. The owner, Ben Verellen, who also owns the tube amplifier shop downstairs, plans to keep elaborating on the space: “So many good bad ideas… The space room will have more antics involved…but I’ll leave it at that.”
  1. It’s called Bar House.
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