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Listicle: /ˈlistək(ə)l/ noun A piece of writing—in our case, recommendations of great places to eat and drink—presented as a list. A portmanteau of list and article, if you will.

It's easy to poke fun at listicles, especially with ones like this (or this or this...fine, this one is awesome) out there. But really, it's a damn efficient way to talk about places we love. Here are the year's most-read tabulations of the town's best stuff. Apparently our readers are into sushi, pie, wine, and not eating sad chicken fingers just because you're out with your kids.

  1. Washington’s 20 Best Wines Under $30

Budget bottles that pass muster with Seattle Met wine czar Sean Sullivan.

  1. Seattle’s 7 Most Sumptuous Pies 

Not the pizza kind.

  1. The Best Restaurants in Ballard Right Now 

Restaurants that aren't in South Lake Union or on Capitol Hill? What will they think of next.

  1. Kid-Friendly Restaurants (That Don’t Feel Like Kid-Friendly Restaurants) 

More play areas with bar menus, please.

  1. The Best New Italian Restaurants in Seattle Right Now

Because the internet loves carbs almost as much as it loves cats.

  1. The Very Best Sushi in Seattle

From pristine omakase to lunchtime chirashi.

  1. Seattle’s Best New Restaurants of 2017

Including our Restaurant of the Year.

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