End-of-Year Emotions

The Belltown Gods Giveth; The Belltown Gods Taketh Away

Some good news (hooray, Babirusa) and some very very sad news (no....Two Bells) from one of the city's most rapidly changing 'hoods.

By Allecia Vermillion December 22, 2017

Babirusa olopwf

Babirusa toasts its last night of service in Eastlake. Image via Facebook.

When a restaurant closes, it's not uncommon for the owners to talk of resurfacing down the road in a new space, a new incarnation. It seldom actually happens. So it feels like a holiday miracle that Babirusa has already firmed up its next chapter.

This fall, Charles Walpole and René Gutierrez announced they wouldn't renew the lease at their tiny, thoughtful bar on Eastlake Avenue (its progenitor, Blind Pig Bistro, once occupied the space next door). Babirusa served its final meal just days ago; the gents promised this was not the last we'd see of them. Now, it seems Babirusa will live on in Belltown. Walpole and Gutierrez aren't yet ready to share the specific location, except that it's a north Belltown address. They are, however, ready for a little fundraising help to get doors open. More details as we have them.

On a decidedly less heartwarming note, the esteemed Two Bells Bar and Grill, which most of us still refer to as Two Bells Tavern, will end a storied run that you can trace as far back as the 1920s. Sitting at that bar—its varnish long worn away by the elbows of musicians, maritime workers, and all walks in between—feels like a portal into a bygone Belltown. In some ways, it's amazing Two Bells lasted as long as it did, but that doesn't make its departure any less of a disappointment. Its last night in business will be December 31; I miss those burgers already. How sadly fitting that the excellent Vanishing Seattle Instagram account has the details surrounding the closure. Read them...then go have one last burger.


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