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People were pretty into Rachel's Ginger Beer and Ma'ono joining forces. Image via Rachel's Ginger Beer.

The past 12 months brought word of high-profile food names expanding to Seattle, cool collaborations, accolades, and one mysterious dance party. Here, in ascending order, are our top 10 food news stories of 2017.

 10. Ba Bar Is Coming to U Village 

The internet has spoken: People really like to eat where they shop.

  1. Cafe Besalu Sold to Herkimer Coffee 

The croissants live on.

  1. And Seattle’s 2017 James Beard Semifinalists Are… 

Oddly more people looked at this than at the list of actual nominees...and winners.

  1. And Seattle Met’s Restaurant of the Year Is… 

New year's resolution: don't lean so heavily on ellipses or the word "and" when I write headlines.

  1. Rachel’s Ginger Beer and Ma’ono Join Forces at University Village 

It's the perfect storm of food news: A cool collaboration, U Village dining, and fried chicken.

  1. Here’s the Story Behind Canlis’s Mysterious New Year’s Eve Dance Party 

Sure, the party sounds cool, but let's assume the pic of Mark Canlis in a spandex body suit garnered most of the clicks.

  1. And Now, an Update on Din Tai Fung in Pacific Place 

Seattle expects nothing less than up-to-the-minute xiao long bao updates.

  1. The ‘Parts Unknown’ Seattle Episode Reveals How the Rest of the Country Feels About Us 

"Conspicuously cool Bourdain is definitely my least favorite Bourdain, as opposed to, say, curious Bourdain."

  1. Oh, Glorious Day: Salt & Straw Will Open a Store in Seattle 

Pear and blue cheese ice cream for all.

  1. Shake Shack Is Coming to Seattle

Exciting burger news, with a side of secret Seattle backstory.


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