Babar ngp9im

This should be a hit with the U Village crowd.

As the world turns: Eric Banh says he'll open a third location of his casual noodle and cocktail bar at University Village, most likely late this summer.

This new Ba Bar will serve the same lineup of Vietnamese noodle soups (pho, bun bo hue), vermicelli bowls, and small plates. There will be cocktails aplenty and a pastry case full of house-made sweets, just like at its 12th Ave and South Lake Union siblings, plus a special station for the crepe-like rice noodle rolls, banh cuon. Banh's kitchen team is also working on a version of  mi cuang, a dish from central Vietnam of vivid turmeric rice noodles in a richly flavored reduction that Banh likens to tonkotsu ramen broth. Count me in.

Ba Bar will take over the former home of Liam's, a prominent restaurant space that Banh says will sport a more colorful interior than the other two Ba Bar locations (the most recent one in South Lake Union opened just this past November). Much like the Rachel's Ginger Beer location due at U Village this summer, Ba Bar seems a superb fit with the shopping center's demographics. Look for it in late July or August.

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