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Bumbershoot's B-Eats Returns for a Second Serving

11 local restaurants, including Southpaw, Adana, and JarrBar, join the lineup for the culinary event.

By Jaime Archer August 21, 2017

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Little Uncle returns to B-Eats with classic Thai food, like khao mun gai.

Image: Bumbershoot

Bumbershoot does not lack for food. The annual music festival is rife with vendors slinging everything from dumplings to curly fries all across the Seattle Center throughout the long Labor Day weekend. Still, organizers behind the massive festival thought they were missing something: culinary artists.

Last year, Bumbershoot launched B-Eats and it's back again, bringing more elevated offerings from local chefs than ever with Dan Bugge at the helm once again.

Bugge, owner of Matt’s in the Market, Radiator Whiskey, the White Swan Public House, and the 100 Pound Clam, crafts the B-Eats program by bringing in chefs from his favorite restaurants. As Bugge describes it, the process involves sitting down with the staff at Radiator Whiskey and having a round table discussion of what food they love and what restaurants “help the diversity of the culinary scene in Seattle.” 

This time around, those popular restaurants—Little Uncle, Gracia, Bok a Bok to name a few—are back for a second serving. But B-Eats is even bigger and better, with a tent four times larger than before, a more central location by Fisher Green Stage, and new additions like White Swan Public House, Southpaw, JarrBar, and Adana. As for what to look out for this year, Radiator Whiskey will be offering up Louisiana-style pulled pork sandwiches; JarrBar will have oyster rolls as well as a tuna niçoise salad; Gracia will channel homey vibes with a pork tamale; and Little Uncle will return with its much beloved classic Thai cuisine, like khao mun gai (poached chicken, garlic rice, and a cup of broth) and a beef jerky and sticky rice combo all wrapped up in a banana leaf. 

Are you hungry yet? Good. Here's how to get in on B-Eats: You can stop by the tent between 2 and 10pm during Bumbershoot or you can pre-purchase your meal on the B-Eats website beforehand, guaranteeing you a hot plate with your name on it sans waiting in line—just don't forget your ID. And while B-Eats doesn’t boast its own bar, it will be located right next to a beer and wine garden.

You can't really go wrong no matter what you end up snacking on, but the struggle is real. “The reason why they’re all chosen is because I love all of them," says Bugge, "so to pick a favorite child is kind of hard to do.” 

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