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Bumbershoot Brings in Local Chefs for New Food Program B-EATs

Radiator Whiskey, Gracia, Bok a Bok, Little Uncle, and more all under one tent.

By Rosin Saez August 31, 2016

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PSA: Piles of Korean fried chicken wings will be at Bumbershoot's B-EATs tent. Image via Facebook/Bok a Bok

The annual music and arts festival never lacks snacks. Booth after booth of food and drink vendors line walkways throughout Seattle Center, offering chicken kebabs or chocolate-dipped berry kebabs...a lot of food on sticks. This year though, Bumbershoot has collaborated with Dan Bugge, owner of Matt’s in the Market, Radiator Whiskey, 100 Pound Clam, and an erstwhile Pike Place fish thrower, on B-EATs.

Much like bringing in local artists and musicians, this new food program connects festival goers with Seattle chefs, who are similarly artists in their industry. Bugge has corralled some of his favorite and fellow restaurateurs: “These are guys that we know are in the kitchen all the time and places that I love to go to. When I get the opportunity Little Uncle is somewhere I go absolutely. I've been to Gracia three times in the last few weeks.”

And this Labor Day weekend you can eat Thai dishes from Little Uncle, handmade tortillas from Gracia, and more a la carte dishes all under one B-EATs tent. The white tent, surrounded by a white picket fence and strung up bistro lights, will have its own dining area for people to sit and relax. Here’s what else to expect...

Fri, Sept 2, 5–8pm
Chefs from Matt’s in the Market, Radiator Whiskey, Gracia, Bok a Bok, Little Uncle, and Pike Place Fish Guys will be serving dishes a la carte in the evening or until gone. Look for dishes like curry wurst with tikka masala and shrimp ceviche tostadas.

Sat, Sept 3, 3–8pm
Oregon bay shrimp louie sliders from Matt’s in the Market, chicken mole tamales from Gracia, and Dungeness crab cocktails from Pike Place Fish Guys. Plus, 100 Pound Clam will host a popup oyster bar, bivalve availability willing.

Sun, Sept 4, 3–8pm
Bok a Bok Korean Fried Chicken will be serving piles of chicken wings with sesame soy dipping sauce, ginger slaw, and housemade biscuits. Radiator Whiskey is bringing smoke pork belly to the B-EATs tent, accompanied by dill pickle slaw, Carolina gold barbecue sauce, and fried corn. Little Uncle will have spicy, grilled beef salad and green papaya salad. 100 Pound Clam’s popup oyster bar will come back for round two, again, depending on access to briny bivalves.

As for next year’s B-EATs, with a little more time and forward planning, Bugge predicts more sit-down, multicourse dinners as future festival events.

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