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Bumbershoot Is Back

Seattle's iconic arts and music festival returns with a lineup that leans hard on its PNW roots.

By Angela Cabotaje February 21, 2023

Odesza at Bumbershoot 2017.

For 49 years, Labor Day Weekend at Seattle Center was synonymous with the massive crowds and mega acts of Bumbershoot—until it wasn't. Lackluster attendance, rising ticket prices, and a barricade collapse marred 2019's event, prompting longtime production partner One Reel to bow out. You already know what kiboshed 2020. Then last year, incoming producer New Rising Sun promised Bumbershoot would return, better than ever.

Time to make good: Bumbershoot is back for its 50th iteration, September 2–3 at Seattle Center. And the lineup is sure to appeal to nostalgic attendees of Bumbershoots past. Headliners include Sleater-Kinney, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Band of Horses. 

New Rising Sun has also promised that Bumbershoot's local, independent, artistic roots will materialize in myriad ways at 2023's festival: roller skating to drag, witches to wrestling, large-scale sculpture to modern dance, cat circuses to whatever extreme pogo stick is. 

"We are thrilled to be back and leading with an arts program that reflects the founding principles of Bumbershoot," says Steven Severin, New Rising Sun's copresident and director of music programming, in a press release. “When reimagining our festival for this return, we examined everything through an arts lens and expanded upon what art is and can be."

Here's the full lineup: 

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