The Chef at David Chang's Momofuku Ko Is Coming to Cook at Canlis

On July 25, Sean Gray and Brady Williams will let fly one impressive long-format tasting menu.

By Allecia Vermillion July 11, 2017

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Momofuku Ko descends upon Queen Anne.

Image: Canlis

Canlis just announced the latest in the restaurant's guest chef dinner series, its occasional one-off mind-blowing collaboration meals that make the most of chef Brady Williams's connections in New York City and elsewhere.

A few weeks ago, Williams's former boss, Carlo Mirarchi of Blanca and Roberta's, came to town. This next installment is equally badass—Sean Gray of Momofuku Ko will co-storm the restaurant's kitchen and collaborate with Williams on a one-night only menu July 25.

Fans of David Chang know how hard it is to get a reservation at the irreverently cerebral restaurateur's tiny tasting menu restaurant, where Gray's been executive chef since 2014. Ko's got two Michelin stars and a No. 58 slot on the (slightly controversial, but undoubtedly influential) list of 100 best restaurants in the world. No big deal.

You may not be shocked to learn that Williams and Gray are planning a long-format tasting menu for the night. Just one seating, $175 (plus tax and tip) and another $95 for wine pairings. Because this is Canlis and its owners cannot do anything halfway, the restaurant also asked local designer Sasha Barr, probably best known as part of the art department at SubPop, to create a poster attendees will take home from the dinner. Since Williams's arrival, owners Mark and Brian Canlis have become increasingly enthused about good graphic design; I like this trend of marking memorable meals with wall art, further proof that tasting menus are the new set list.

Tickets just went on sale, and there aren't many of them. Call the restaurant at 206-283-3313 to reserve.

UPDATE: Those reservations? Yeah they filled up in about 30 minutes. Stay tuned; the Brothers Canlis promise more guest chef dinners to come.





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