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Cheese Meats Bread Meets Uwajimaya's Food Court

Kevin Chung of 8oz. Burger and Company heads to the International District—grilled cheese sandwiches, Full Tilt milkshakes, and kimchi fries in tow.

By Rosin Saez June 23, 2017

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Cheese Meats Bread is the food court version of Boy Meets World

The Uwajimaya food court is a lunchgoer's paradise. Folks flood the International District grocer, lining up for kalua pig plates, crispy roast duck, sweet coconut buns, takoyaki...and,  soon, grilled cheese sandwiches. Kevin Chung, chef and owner of beloved burger joint, 8oz Burger and Co., is opening a spot dubbed Cheese Meats Bread in the market's cafeteria, where it will fill a melty sandwich-sized hole.

CMB will takeover the old Herfy's space, which shuttered about two years ago, but rather than do the usual burger, Chung is going in on one of his childhood favorites: the grilled cheese. Here, done up with his usual commitment to sourcing natural, organic, and local goods. Expect a menu of nine craft sandwiches, many of which support a cheesy blend of Beecher's Flagship white cheddar, buffalo mozzarella, mild cheddar, fontina, and muenster. Besides the requisite cheese, ingredients take an interesting turn: find braised pork belly and fried egg on the Seoul, sriracha tuna salad and pickled daikon on the Saigon, braised beef cheeks, gruyere, and onion marmalade on one aptly christened the French. That's some savory stuff, so all sandwiches do come with a side salad. But there's also talk of kimchi fries. Surely a faithful grilled cheese sidekick, too.

As for drinks, hey, more dairy. Specifically, milkshakes—yes, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry—made with Full Tilt ice cream: salted caramel, green tea Nutella, and a peanut butter and jelly. Beyond that, sip on various flavors of Seattle Soda.

Chung is aiming to open Cheese Meats Bread on July 14, but these things tend to be a moving target. In the meantime, he says, they'll be dishing out grilled cheeses for a soft opening during the Natsu Matsuri Festival on July 8 and 9—score a sneak peek and a free bite. Cheesy updates as we have them.

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