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Cubed baked good await behind this rectangular door.

Kevin Moulder grew up baking with his grandmother. As early as six years old you might’ve found him plucking chicken eggs from the coop and starting on a recipe. “My grandma would open up a recipe and say, Here. Just make that.” And now Moulder’s decade-long journey has culminated into his very own bakeshop along North 45th Ave in Wallingford. (Thanks, grandma.)

Cubes Baking Company is modeled after the Mexican-style bakeries in San Antonio, Moulder’s hometown, where pastry-hungry patrons could go about the shop with a tray and some tongs and serve themselves before bringing it to the counter to pay. That will be the same process here, with traditional Mexican-style pastries similar to those of Moulder’s childhood. Of course Moulder will be putting a bit of twist on them, one major one being that everything—cakes, scones, savory muffins, tarts—will be square- or cube-shaped.

Why cubes? Moulder baked up the whole idea while buying his Nissan Cube. Delivering cubed cakes in a Cube car is a car dealership waiting room dream made reality. Plus, of course Moulder’s years of work as a cake artist and executive pastry chef.

Cubes will serve those aforementioned Mexican-style baked goods, like savory scones of jalapeño, green chiles, and Mexican cheeses, as well as “cupcubes,” sweet square tarts, and cube cakes. Grab it to-go, or stay in, sit with your laptop, and sip on some freshly brewed drip coffee.

The bakery is located at 2315 North 45th St, right next to the former Erotic Bakery space—now convenience store and poke bar—which had baked goods in the shape of...not-so-cubed things. Cube’s grand opening is today, May 23, at 8am. Hours may vary to start as the bakery gets settled in. Stay informed by following Cubes Baking Company’s Facebook page.


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