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Said English muffin sandwich in all its toasty, egg-y glory.

For three years it was the Montreal-inspired Resto, and before that it was Thomas Street Bistro, a quirky spot that endured for six years. Next up for the small space at 421 East Thomas Street: B-Side, a name that works on so many levels it's almost too spot on, if there's even such a thing. Analog Coffee owners Danny Hanlon and Tim Hayden will take it on, along with Jake Vorono (formerly of Il Corvo), creating a breakfast and lunch haven on Capitol Hill.

Just around the corner from Analog, the new counter service spot promises grab-and-go items, like sandwiches and savory grain bowls, and, in all, a small but varied menu of seasonal and locally sourced food stuffs that are “healthy without harping on about it.” Vorono adds, Nerding out if you want to nerd out on it, but we're not going to make you nerd out on it.”

Last weekend they tested the waters with what will be a B-Side staple: the English muffin sandwich. Choose from a vegetarian version made with roasted cremini mushrooms or a protein option like ham, or a fluffy, crepe-like egg and cheese. Request spicy or not spicy, and expect that all will benefit from a welcomed crunch of something pickled.  

Not just any old breakfast sando, there was quite a bit of tinkering, which involved many breakfasts for dinner, trips to LA's Squirl for necessary gustatory research, and a text chain filled with sandwich pictures captioned with something like, “Look what I just made!” 

In the coffee world there's a lot of people who are like, It's just coffee. It's just an egg sandwich, but there's no reason not to make it the best, say Hanlon. But none of this is surprising given the duo's discerning talents and attention to detail at Analog. So even that English muffin breakfast sandwich may go through some more evolutions or different iterations. These guys don't mess around.

Beyond food, drinks here will be on the lighter side, meaning wine, beer, spritzes, micheladas, mimosas, and a lot of carbonated beverages on tap. “As much as we can fit.” And come late summer, stay tuned for Hayden's fermented hot sauce, apparently something to behold. 

As for the modest space, there will be around a dozen or so seats, but the outdoor patio boasts twice the space and thus twice the chance of having yourself a damn fine day.

It's not a popup, it's not a soft opening—the space is still very much in built-out mode—so for now, they're calling it Weekends at Analog. Order from Analog Coffee and pick up around the corner at B-Side. Simple as that. They plan to keep that option available once officially open come June, if all goes according to plan. (How serendipitous would it be if B-Side opened on Analog's six year anniversary on June 27?) Added bonus: The new access to an actual kitchen may beget some cafe favorites made in house, like granola and pastries. 

Round two of Weekends at Analog starts this Saturday, bright and early, at 8am. Follow B-Side on Instagram for news, happenings, and pictures of English muffin sandwiches. 

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