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The soon-to-be home of Seattle Pops. Photo: Megan Janes

After visiting an Alabama popsicle shop back in 2012, Megan Janes got the idea to eventually open up one of her own in wet and rainy Seattle. “I think Seattle loves frozen desserts even when it's cold and drizzly,” says Janes. And she might be right.

Janes, who owns Seattle Pops, has been pushing seasonal popsicles in the local farmer’s market circuit and at food festivals for the past three years. And now Seattle Pops has grown up into its very own space at Interlake Avenue North and 45th Street in Wallingford.

What was once home to Smash Wine Bar for nine years before it shuttered in 2015, will soon be filled with 16 different popsicle offerings, which is double what they can offer out of a small market stand. Seattle Pops will serve up mainstays like Zesty Lime, Very Strawberry, Kona Coffee, Chocolate Banana, and Coconut Cream, adding different flavor options when the season allows—peach, blueberries and cream, Mexican chocolate, pineapple jalapeño, mango, and lilikoi are all on the horizon. Janes says they’ll also add the option to dip your popsicle in milk, white, or dark chocolate.

Beyond menu expansion, folks can see how popsicle magic is made through a window to the kitchen, where machines are freezing pops in real time. Devour said popsicle inside or out front on the forthcoming patio.

Seattle Pops is a family affair: Janes’s sister Lindsay Janes helms the kitchen, while her dad, Dave Janes, keeps things running on the farmer's market end; even her mom, Melody Carlisle, pushes papers in the office.

Janes assures that Seattle Pops will remain at farmer’s markets—it’s where they go shopping for 40 pounds of fresh strawberries after all—as well continue catering and doing events like Bite of Seattle and Ballard Seafood Fest this summer.

The store, exactly located at 1401 North 45th Street, is a beacon of pending warm weather, a sign that the sun will come some point. Rain or shine though, Seattle Pops will aims to open in June. Keep tabs on updates on the Seattle Pops Facebook page or Instagram.

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