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Musashi’s Plans a New Location in the International District

Bowls of ramen will make way for chirashi bowls.

By Rosin Saez March 23, 2017

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This Wallingford Musashi's will soon have a CID sibling. Photo via Google Maps

Fu Lin was a Chinatown-International District go-to for 16 years, serving up moo shu pork alongside ramen without a bit of irony. But owner Wai Chung Yong was ready for retirement. Now, the restaurant space at 512 South King St will be taken up by a third Musashi’s location.

Musashi’s has been a Wallingford mainstay for years, the resounding endorsement being affordable sushi and chirashi bowls, an array of fanned-out sashimi over rice. And soon those in the CID can dig into what owner Jun Park agrees are “well-priced large portions.” Expect a similar menu and vibe here, with perhaps a unique offering not unlike the Bellevue location, which serves udon, or the Wallingford staple, which has curry.

The proximity to Downtown and the sizable kitchen will double as a home base for lunch delivery as well as a standalone restaurant. Musashi’s has a lunching fanbase over at Amazon, says Park, and he wants to keep up with that demand by delivering orders directly to the tech campus. There’s even a Musashi’s app in development for Seattleites with a hankering for dispatched sushi.

As for an opening date, “Early next month,” says Park, “When it's up, it's up.”

On the horizon, Park wants to continue expanding. He plans to open more Seattle area locations and eventually move into Oregon, California, maybe even New York.

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