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Cafe Hitchcock Opens April 3

Brendan McGill brings his take on breakfast, lunch, and dinner to Downtown. That is to say: Eat here all day long.

By Rosin Saez March 31, 2017

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Exposed brick, oak banquettes, Cafe Hitchcock is just about ready. Photo via Cafe Hitchcock Facebook.

Get ready for Mangalitsa leaf lard biscuit sandwiches, y’all. After opening Pizzeria Bruciato on Bainbridge Island back in January, Brendan McGill has crossed the Sound to open Cafe Hitchcock inside the art deco Exchange Building downtown. And it debuts on April 3.

Cafe Hitchcock, as we’ve noted, is McGill’s all-day cafe, a sort of greatest hits pulled from his other restaurants. Mornings here can mean freshly pressed Verjus-style juices, in-house cultured yogurt, and breakfast biscuit sandwiches made with Hitchcock bacon, baked eggs with ham, and gruyere. There will even be pastries from Matt Tinder’s Saboteur Bakery located in Bremerton—so much Kitsap comradery. All of this to compose “a dope, rock-solid breakfast,” as McGill put it.

Meanwhile lunch brings comforting soups, verdant salads, and Hitchcock Deli favorites, too. After a few short weeks, happy hour and dinner service will join in, offering oysters on the half-shell, Hitchcock charcuterie, tartines, and larger dishes like mad hatcher roasted chicken and lamb neck osso bucco.

The team behind McGill includes chef de cuisine JJ Johnson, who’s been on Bainbridge Island, working at Hitchcock for the past fews years, and Tahlia Bolden, who oversees all things beverages, bringing in wine, batched cocktails, local beers, and kombucha on tap.

For now the cafe, located at 818 First Ave, will be open daily from 7am until 3pm. Then happy hour will eventually run from 3 to 7, with dinner from 4 to 9. Stay tuned on all things Cafe Hitchcock at their Facebook page.

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