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A New Restaurant from Pike Brewing Will Open This Summer

It comes with a wrap-around brew deck and a cellar—all conveniently above Pike Pub.

By Rosin Saez February 23, 2017

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Cofounders Charles and Rose Ann Finkel on demo day. Photo courtesy Pike Brewing

When their landlord wanted to switch things up in the building, Pike Brewing cofounders Charles and Rose Ann Finkel jumped on the opportunity to quite literally elevate a new restaurant and brew space, exactly above their more casual Pike Pub inside Pike Place Market.

While the Pike Pub is a cozy, subterranean beer hall complete with its own microbrewery museum, the as-yet-unnamed restaurant will be a touch more modern with similar charms of its downstairs sibling. The food will be on the finer side, "approachable" as they say, but more upscale and focused on seafood.

But whether you choose the trusty pub fare below, or a more curated affair above, the beer is at the center of it all. Dine in the restaurant space proper just beyond the original copper kettle, or else on the brew deck, which wraps around the brewing vessels and fermentation tanks and the new cellar. It's dinner with a beer-filled view.

The opening is slated for June, when the new MarketFront expansion will officially open this summer. It will join a lineup of new restaurants in the market, such as Jarr and Co., which will also show diners how the sausage, er tinned fish, gets made.

More Pike Place Brewing and MarketFront updates as we have them.

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