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See what I mean by come on? Tacos by Jack. 

Last week was auspicious, as two new tacos hit me between the eyes—and, mercifully, below the nose. Both delivered extreme greatness.

Manu Alfau (Manu’s Bodega, Manu’s Bodegita) has established a beachhead inside Pioneer Square’s underground happiness emporium Flatstick Pub, where adults can drink local beers, play 9 holes of mini golf…and now, eat tacos.  Alfau’s main gig is Caribbean food, but he translates those skills to the creation of stewy braised fillings for tacos: fillings like chicken tinga, black beans and cotija, and chorizo potato.

By day he opens a sidewalk window down the block from Flatstick (just east of Second, on Main) from 11am to 2:30pm. I stood in a short line last week to get two of them: one a saucy brisket, with generous chunks of the tender beef along with black beans and sweet slivers of pink pickled onion; the other a stunning carnitas, which recalls Alfau’s storied roasted Puerco asado in flavor and texture, and is decked with pico de gallo. They were overstuffed, delectable, and a steal at $3 apiece.  

The next day I found myself in Georgetown by morning, and driving past Jack’s BBQ I saw the sign: Brisket breakfast tacos. Screech, swerve, stop. And although the Texas roadhouse atmo, right down to twangy country music, might feel a little rich for a Seattleite’s blood at 7:15am—the brisket tacos are perfection, starring Jack’s offset-smoked grass-fed brisket, as tender and smoky as you can quite believe (and stuffed in with a generous hand), along with scrambled eggs, potato cubes, and melted cheese.

I mean, come on. They are as good as they sound. I got one; could’ve used two. There’s also pork or sausage. And they come with your choice of salsas.

All from 7 to 9am.

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